Brian GaySenior Project Superintendent, Surveyor

    Brian Gay is a senior project superintendent and surveyor at D&G Landscaping. Brian has obtained over 30 years of experience in the Ottawa construction industry, working in surveying for the Ministry of Transportation (MTO), Arnett, Kennedy, Riddell & Jason Ltd., and McNeely Engineering Consultants Ltd., and Tarmac Construction as a senior surveyor and grade foreman from 1991 to 2001, before he started with D&G Landscaping in 2001.

    Depending on the situation, Brian is used either as a full-time on-site superintendent on a particularly complex job (Brian was the full-time site superintendent at Lansdowne Urban Park, where D&G Landscaping performed as General Contractor), or to oversee numerous crews working on separate sites. Brian’s wealth of experience gives him the know-how to organize crews and equipment to execute the most complex projects D&G Landscaping undertakes.

    Sylvain Hébert