Construction Services

D&G Landscaping offers landscaping, road building, and heavy civil construction related services to the Industrial, Commercial, Institutional and Municipal and Public Infrastructure sectors, including:

  • Hard landscaping¬†(interlock paving, precast concrete storage sheds, planters and curbs, retaining walls, site furniture, rock or stone pathways, granite paving and cladding, fencing, play structures)
  • Soft landscaping (topsoil supply and placement, seeding, sodding, planting of shrubs, flowers, trees and other vegetation)
  • Excavation, backfill, and grading using our fleet of heavy construction vehicles, including GPS-controlled dozers
  • Site development
  • Bank stabilization
  • Hauling using our fleet of dump trucks
  • Snow plowing for industrial/commercial/institutional clients
  • Supply of topsoil and aggregate from our surface-mined construction pit
  • Custom Design Assist Services
Precast concrete retaining wall being constructed with heavy equipment at Richmond Village
Heavy equipment excavation in progress at Government Conference Centre

D&G Landscaping performs construction work both as a general contractor and a subcontractor depending on the opportunity, taking on either role regularly. D&G Landscaping is unionized.

As a general contractor, D&G Landscaping has offered additional services including:

  • Storm sewer systems and septic services
  • Electrical site services and site lighting
  • Mechanical site services including plumbing
  • Asphalt paving
  • Cast-in-place concrete planters, retaining walls, stages, benches, and other elements
  • Concrete paving and concrete sidewalks
  • Glycol-heated concrete skating rink pads
  • Water features

Our Work

D&G Landscaping has worked on some of the biggest and most prestigious construction projects in the area (projects in our portfolio include Lansdowne Urban Park, the Government Conference Centre, and Ottawa Light Rail Transit).